Example of a typical guided bus tour in Mikkeli

This tour is an introduction to the main sights in Mikkeli - the town with a  long history as a centre for administration, outdoor market trade and infantry. Approximately one hour by bus with no stops along the route.

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The tour starts from the main market place. The following are examples only:

Main buildings and sights around the market place (e.g. town hall, state provincial office of Eastern Finland...)
Mikkeli in a nutshell
Kirkkopuisto park, hospital and the lycée
stone sacristy - part of the medieval Savilahti church
idyllic Emola suburb and its old buildings
traces of the ice age in Mikkeli: ponds and potholes.
Akkavuori and Naisvuori hills and the buildings near them
sights connected with the military past: Headquarters and the communications centre Lokki
Mikkeli theater, the Cathedral
sports ground "Urski", Hanhilampi conservation area, ice stadiium and trotting track
Concert- and congress hall Mikaeli
Harju cemetary
old barracks area
Pursiala industrial area
Kenkävero vicarage

.. and much, much more.